Monday, January 10, 2011

Q4 Performance Review (DRYS, DSPG, DUK, ITRI, JOEZ, KLIC, MSFT, NDN, OCLR)

Since performance evaluation is an important part of investment analysis. Here is how our recommendations performed since they were issued, ordered by return for the cautious investor if they had been held until market closes at the end of 2010:

OCLR:   + 52.6% 
DRYS:   + 20.1% 
DSPG:   + 11.1% 
MSFT:   + 8.1% 
ITRI:      +1.3% 
DUK:     +0.9% 
KLIC:     -1.8% 
NDN:     -2.4% 
JOEZ:     -4.3%  

Some of the picks returned modest performance, but they showcased more impressive returns after the end of the quarter. Stay posted for forthcoming recommendations for Q1 2011.

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